Tank 1 Bitumen Capacity 6,500,000
Tank 2 Bitumen Capacity 6,500,000
Tank 3 AGO Capacity 6,500,000
Tank 4 AGO Capacity 6,500,000
Tank 5 AGO Capacity 6.500.000
Tank 6 AGO Capacity 6,500,000
Tank 7 PMS  Capacity 6,500,000
Tank 8 PMS  Capacity 6,500,000    
Tank 9 DPK  Capacity 6,500,000
There a total of (9) fixed roof product tanks within a
bund wall,dedicated to each type of product, and
has a total capacity of 58.5 thousand MT. These
tanks are adequately protected with IPWA epoxy
coating and cathodic protection of the tank base.
Below is the description and dedication of each
product tank.

Product Receiving Area
Loading Bay
Quality Control Unit
Safety (Equipment and Facilities}
Standby Poer Unit
Medical Clinic
Jetty - - -
Parking Bay, with 100 plots of land as parking bay.