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                                                                    OIL | GAS
Whether your are a Refiner, Major oil companies that need to procure products or need to market products, we are readily available, as
Cresgnock International has quite a number of links to mandate of both Buyers and Sellers of petroleum and derivatives worldwide. For
non-Major oil companies, we are also readily available to assist you in procuring your product needs worldwide.

PRODUCTS AVAILABILITY: BLCO, Diesel (D2), AGO, PMS, DPK, LPFO, LNG etc. BLCO Bulk Allocations are available for huge volume
buyers. AGO delivery is available on CIF, TTO, TTT and Tank Farms in Nigeria, Lome, Cotonou and Tema.

We are here to help you procure your commodity of interest.  Simply complete our contact form or email
us with details of products of your interest.

Genuine buyers should contact us with LOI or ICPO and BLC Swift to our Seller's Bank.
We help to provide procuring services for buyers in need of crude oil and oil deravitives. Our duty is to facilitate procurement between sellers
and buyers of crude oil and finished products. Products deliveries on CIF, FOB, TTO and TTT are available. We have solid links to suppliers
of Nigerian Bonny Light Crude (BLCO), AGO, DPK, PMS, LNG, LPFO, HPFO and more,.
We are in contact with real sellers of
Nigerian Bonny Light crude oil (BLCO)
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Procurement of BLCO Bulk
Allocation Reassignment is
readily available through us.