Our Nigerian sister company, Cresgnock International Limited is an Engineering Services company specializing in
Civil/Building, Telecommunications, Power, Pipeline construction, integrity and maintenance services. Nigeria is a developing
nation with enormous resources set aside for developmental projects.

Our sister company, Cresgnock International Limited through  Cresgnock International LLC is seeking experienced Joint
Venture partnership in the fields of Civil/Building Engineering, Marine, Mechanical Engineering, Telecommunication, Power,
Pipeline construction, integrity and maintenance services etc.
Companies willing to participate in the execution of these multi million dollar projects are required to have a local partner in
Nigeria for provision of information, procurement of bid documents and the successful bidders on any projects will be paid
50% Advance Payment by the Nigerian government after meeting the necessary requirements. Joint Venture partners are
not limited to United States of America alone, of paramount importance is the technical background of such companies and
expertise which they bring in the execution of projects.

Please note that Memorandum of operational understanding shall be the guide of the joint venture partnership and will
therefore, require the parties to agree on the method of operation and all necessary legal steps taken to ensure successful
operations. Interested party should contact us.
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